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Seeking Understanding Through the Noise:

Our Defining Characteristics

  • Perspective that moves past the noise of the day

  • Patience to think and invest with a long horizon

  • Temperament to withstand emotions and volatility

  • Passion for deep intensive research

  • Conviction to our best ideas

Firm Contact: Brian Pitkin, bpitkin@uricapital.com

​​​​URI Capital Partners Overview

URI Capital Partners opened in August of 2012 and has garnered annualized returns of 13.9%, after all fees, through the end of June 2019 (145.9% cumulatively, after all fees).  Undertaking deep, fundamental analysis leading to a high conviction portfolio provides a strong foundation for continued strong returns.

URI Capital Partners is a long only investment fund focused on a highly concentrated portfolio of publicly traded companies.  While our concentrated, long only strategy may present more volatility in the short term, we are not willing to sacrifice higher potential longer term returns for a more comfortable journey.  Investing in enduring businesses at good valuations, avoiding leverage and requiring margins of safety serves to solidify our foundation and protect investor dollars.

Markets go up and markets go down.  But enduring businesses remain.

Please read our most recent annual letter and recent investment commentaries for more perspective on our approach.